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Rich & Healthy

Highest quality artisan
grains, proteins & seasonal ingredients

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Continuing on the tradition, Bagel Plus is always adding new & trending items to our menus: Sugar Free & Gluten Free Bakery options,+ ​

  • Sugar-Free Bakery options
  • Gluten Free Bakery options
  • Wholesome salads, soups & dishes
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Why Choose Us

The Best Rye Bread in Toronto
Made Fresh Daily


Grab & Go Counter

Our fresh ingredients prepared and packaged for your enjoyment at home.


Wholesale Customers Welcome

Daily Delivery Available. Always start with the best bread to impress your customers.

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Sugar & Dairy Free

An assortment is available in our bake shop.



Ask us about catering your next event, meeting or gathering.

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Catering Menu

After 40 years you can be sure we know what you like

Take Out Menu

An assortment available in our bake shop

We Deliver


Bagel Plus can cater your breakfast, lunch, dinner or corporate events and all of your celebrations.
Below are selections from our platter menu. Please contact us for more.

Build your own sandwich by selecting from a variety of our freshly baked breads, and ...

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Our premium hand-trimmed Lox is accompanied with scoops of our mild but rich tasting cream ...

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Included with our fresh selection of market vegetables is a delectable dip of your choice.

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Challah Breads



Smoked Salmon (Lox) Bagel


Reviews from our guests

Demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment so blinded except to some advantage.

Eat Fresh

Fresh Daily

Blueberry buns, cheese danish, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, rugelach, and much, much more. Come in to see what we have baked today.

  • Baked Daily Breads
  • Bakery sweets    
  • Sugar Free and Dairy Free items
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